Water Proofing Membrane & Geo-Composites

Crafco Matrix 501 Asphaltic Plug Bridge Joint System

The Crafco Matrix 501 Asphaltic Plug Bridge Joint System is a pre-measured hot-applied bridge expansion joint system composed of a uniquely formulated polymer modified asphalt binder and select aggregate. Simply level the material and allow it to cool.  No compaction is required. The Crafco Matrix 501 joint can be used for expansion, fixed end, and pressure relief joints, in both new construction or rehabilitation projects.

Crafco Matrix 501 can be installed on skews up to 30 degrees (up to 45 degrees for low traffic pavements)


Crafco Geotac & Propex Petrotac® Waterproofing Membrane 

Excellent for waterproofing joints and cracks. The waterproofing membrane is comprised of a rubberized asphalt waterproofing element and a non-woven pavement reinforcing grade polypropylene fabric laminated to the outer surface.  Peel-and-stick waterproofing membranes designed specifically to be used as a moisture barrier.  They prevent water permeation or penetration through pavement surfaces and subsequent damage that moisture causes.

Propex Petrotac also available in 12”, 18”, 24”, 36” & 48” widths.


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