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Allen Engineering Pro 430 Edger & Pro 446SD Walk-Behind Trowels

Professional Series walk-behinds are equipped with industry-leading gearboxes and feature high horsepower engines, lifting hooks and bars. The Allen® Pro trowels are built for the busiest job sites.

Allen Engineering Value Priced VP 436, VP 446 & VP 424 Edger Walk- Behind Trowels

VP Series value priced walk-behinds feature Allen® quality and performance at a great price for any job. Includes new folding edging walker. VP Series of walk-behind power trowels includes the VP436 and VP446. Trowels have height-adjustable handles with either traditional twist-action blade pitch control, or the lever-action positive pitch control. Powered by Honda engines, the units have 36-inch and 46-inch rotors, respectively, which move up to 150 rpm. Trowels come with one-year warranty. VP424 Edger is a unique folding compact walker with rotating guard wheel to allow for edging against walls, pipes and other obstructions.

Allen Engineering Alternative Fuel Series Walk-Behind Trowels

Alternative Power series walk-behinds deliver powerful finishing and high tolerance concrete floors in enclosed or confined environment job sites. Based on Allen’s popular Pro Series 436 walk-behinds, these trowels feature energy efficient alternatives to traditional gasoline engines allowing them into workplaces off limits to standard gasoline finishers.

Allen Engineering HDX 600 Riding Trowel

The Allen HDX 600 (Hydra-Drive Extreme) is a totally new Hydraulic-Powered Riding Trowel. Designed to provide the power and torque demanded for panning by today’s concrete finishers, this double four-foot diameter (2×120 cm) rider packs a powerful punch in a compact package. The weight to horsepower ratio and hydraulic components (including a patent pending device) makes the HDX 600 a “Stand-Out” among all hydraulic riders. The HDX 600 is the first in the new series of Hydraulic-Drive Extreme (HDX) All Hydraulic Riders. The double 4-ft.-diameter HDX 600 (Hydra-Drive Extreme) hydraulic-powered riding trowel is powered by a 44-hp Kubota liquid-cooled turbo diesel engine coupled with all-hydraulic drive and steering.

  • Twin 46-in.-diameter, five-blade nonoverlapping rotors operate at speeds up to 135 rpm
  • Electric-powered spray system is available for the application of retardant
  • A flip-up seat and removable screens provide access to the engine, clutch, and driveline

Allen Engineering MSP415 Mechanical Super Pro Rider Trowel

The Allen MSP 415 uses the 35hp Vanguard Air-Cooled Engine and a centrifugal clutch creating an economical, heavy-duty double four-foot diameter rider with the power needed for panning and the speed for finishing and is the most popular rider with larger contractors. These riding trowels are powerful and responsive due to their weight to horsepower ratio. The five-bladed rotor is driven by a Super Heavy-Duty Gearbox, allowing the power to be delivered where it is needed. Standard features include an electric powered spray system, a built-in cup holder, and a lifting bridle for loading and unloading. For easier maintenance, these machines feature a removable front panel for easy access.

Allen Engineering MSP445 Mechanical Super Pro Rider Trowel

The MSP 445 (Mechanical Super Pro) Rider trowel features higher horsepower, an improved torque converter clutch and improved weight to horsepower ratio.

  • Two 46-in.-diameter five-blade nonoverlapping rotors with speeds up to 165 rpm
  • 40-hp Kohler air-cooled gasoline engine
  • Manual steering and pitch controls
  • Features an electric-powered spray system for application of retardant, flip-up seat and removable screens for accessibility to the engine, clutch and driveline.

Allen Engineering HDX 750 Riding Trowel

The HDX 750 all hydraulic-powered riding concrete trowel – the newest in Allen’s series of Hydra-Drive Extreme Allen Riders – is powered by a 74-hp Kubota Turbo Diesel engine.

  • Generation III (all hydraulic proportional) joy stick power steering for easy steering plus independent hydraulic blade pitch controls in each joy stick.
  • Lights, key switch, tachometer and 12 volt charger all in one convenient location
  • 60-in. diameter six-bladed rotors for uniform blade and pan coverage
  • Adjustable seat and arm rests
  • Six lights located on the front, sides and back
  • Raised foot pedals for operator comfort
  • Powered spray system for retardant application
  • Built-in cup holder and hand trowel holder
  • Removable steps for easy blade access
  • Optional dolly jack transport wheels

Allen Engineering MP215 Mechanical Pro Rider Trowel

The smallest Allen Rider that still packs a punch! The MP 215 (Mechanical Pro) entry level riding trowel is a total redesign of the MP 205.

  • 688cc Honda GX690 air-cooled, gasoline engine and heavy-duty drivetrain packaged in an easy to service frame
  • Standard-duty gearboxes
  • Two four-blade, 36-in.-diameter, non-overlapping rotors
  • Torque converter clutch provides full variable speed control of rotors up to 145 rpm
  • Manual steering and blade pitch control

Allen Engineering MSP455 Mechanical Super Pro Rider Trowel

The All-New MSP455 is our newest power steering model in our popular MSP Series. The powerful gas engine, Super Heavy-Duty Gearboxes and Spiders provide a great weight-to-horsepower performer for larger contractors.

  • Hydraulic power steering with independent manual pitch controls
  • 40-hp air-cooled Kohler engine
  • Two 46 inch diameter, 5-blade non-overlapping rotors
  • Rotor speeds: up to 165 rpm
  • Electric powered spray system
  • Flip-up seat and removable screens for access to engine, torque converter and drive line
  • Raised operator platform
  • Hydraulic joystick positioning
  • Lights, 12-volt charger and hour meter

Allen Engineering MSP460 Mechanical Super Pro Rider Trowel

Allen Engineering redesigned is MSP 460 (mechanical-super pro) Rider for improved rider responsiveness, better visibility from the seat, improved operator comfort and updated body style. The MSP 460 features joy stick controlled power steering with a mechanical drive-line system for maximum power and torque to the rotors. The MSP 460, with a 44-hp turbo Kubota diesel engine, is powerful and responsive due to its low weight-to-horsepower ratio. The five-bladed, 46-in.-diameter, non-overlapping rotors are driven by Allen Super Heavy-Duty Gearboxes delivering power where needed.

Allen Engineering HDX 780 Riding Trowel

Designed to satisfy the most demanding concrete contractors, the Allen HDX Series of Hydraulic-Powered Riding Trowels are packed with the punch of high-horsepower diesel engines and are not only the most powerful riders in their class, they’re also one of the most dependable. With ideal weight to horsepower ratios and hydraulic components (including a patented automatic load sensing device), these riders ensure a peak performance every time.
• Engine Throttle Built-in the Seat Frame

  • Adjustable Arm Rests
  • Generation III (All Hydraulic, Proportional) Joy Stick Power Steering
  • Built-in Cup Holder
  • Fixed Seat Frame with Removable Access Screens
  • Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Inside Frame
  • Raised Deck Platform and Foot Pedals
  • Six Adjustable Front & Rear Lights
  • Front Fill Fuel Tank
  • Six-Bladed Spider For Uniform Blade And Pan Coverage
  • Super-Duty Cast Iron Spiders with Super-Duty Steel Trowel Arms
  • Independent Hydraulic Pitch Control
  • Leak-Proof Hydraulic Hoses with a One Year Warranty on complete Rider
  • Weather Resistant Battery Box
  • Vibration Reducing Engine Mounts
  • Easy to Fill Retardant Tank and Line
  • Light Switch, Key Switch and Hour Meter All In One Location

Concrete Edger Trowels

Honda powered Bartell Edger Trowels are available in 24” & 30” variations. Folding handled allows for easy storage.

B436 Pro Trowel

The Bartell B436 & 446 pro series remains one of the most trusted walk-behind trowels to concrete finishers for over 70 years. All trowels are well balanced to eliminate high spots and improve production rates.
The 36” model  has a Honda GX160 engine and powers at 4.8/8.5hp.

B446 Pro Trowel
The Bartell B 436 & B446 pro series remains one of the most trusted walk-behind trowels to concrete finishers for over 70 years. All trowels are well balanced to eliminate high spots and improve production rates.
The 46” model Honda engine specs are GX270/340/390 and powers at 8.7/10.7/11.7hp.

BC436 Commercial Trowel

The classic 36” Walk-Behind Trowel is useful for any concrete finisher. Includes chrome plated handle for easy cleanup and an optional low emissions muffler.

BC446 Commercial Trowel

The 46” Walk-Behind Trowel is easy for any concrete finisher to manage. It’s precision balanced for smooth operation and includes combination blades.


The new 46” Mega-T power trowel is made from welded heavy gauge steel and jig to extend the life and strength of this machine. Included is a high horsepower engine, plus a convenient sight glass to check the oil level.

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