Stripers & Accessories

Graco LineLazer 3400 Striper

The preferred choice with parking lot and seal coating contractors who are looking for professional performance and features, in a one-gun machine.
Operator controls are located right at the handlebars – fine-tune the striper’s operation without stopping production! 

  • Handlebars are designed for more comfort and better control. 
  • Swivel front wheel makes striping up to the curb easier. Stripe arcs and curves with ease. 
  • Electronic pressure control provides excellent line quality. 
  • Chromex pump rod is built for the most demanding striping applications.

Graco 130HS Hydraulic Airless Line Striper

LineLazer 130HS hydraulic airless striper will soon be your preferred parking lot striping solution.  This entry-level striping unit is built with the professional striping contractor in mind and will deliver unmatched results.  The 130HS is a workhorse hydraulic airless striper for the most demanding pavement marking jobs. 

2-Gun Striper. LineDriver Attachable Unit (Optional). Chromex Pump Rod (for proven long life). Cooling Fan Design & High-Capacity Cooling System.

Advanced Vibration Reduction System (60% less at the spray tip than the competition’s)

Graco LineLazer IV 200HS Striper

LineLazer IV 200HS is the solution for medium to large jobs that demand line perfection – every time! Advanced Vibration Reduction System eliminates engine vibration for better line quality. Rear gun mount allows placement of the guns closer to the rear axle for straighter long lines and smoother curved lines. Lightweight gun holder minimizes gun movement caused by rough pavement.  New Chromex pump rod is built for the most demanding applications. New flow-through Easy Out filter comes out with the cap for convenient, mess-free access.

Graco LineLazer IV 3900 & 5900 Airless Stripers

Both the LineLazer IV 3900 and the LineLazer IV 5900 are the clear leaders for 2-gun professional stripers and are designed specifically to deliver the most precise and consistent lines in the industry. Parking Lots, Walking & Bike Paths, Roadways & Streets, Airport Runways, Malls.

Graco FieldLazer Striper

Airless spray delivers higher quality lines with ease! Fields, Field Lines, Hash Marks, Corner Kicks, Stencils. Amazing Versatility in a User-Friendly Package! Stripe long, straight lines. Spray stencils or large solid areas. Paint circles and arcs. Mark corner kicks too!

Graco TrueCoat Pro

TrueCoat Pro Fine Finish Cordless Sprayer is designed specifically for small fine finish projects.   This sprayer features a ProControl™ Pressure Control System that allows you to optimize pressure setting for spraying a full range of fine finish materials – from stains to lacquers to enamels.  Innovative design features make this a unique sprayer that is fully compatible with solvent-based materials including “hot” solvents.

  • Fine Finish Reversible Tips
  • 24 oz. Multi-Spray Cut with Flexible Suction Tube
  • 18v Lithium Ion SlimLine Power Pack Battery and Charger

Graco LineLazer IV 3900

Take the pain out of layout – no more tape measures, calculating errors, guessing, sore backs, wasted energy, or missed opportunities.

Finish striping jobs faster – 30% faster with walk behind stripers and 50% faster using the LineDriver. Less hassle, less fatigue – no bending to mark the lines and read a tape measure. Pinpoint accuracy – accurate to 1/4 inch at 100 feet. New Digital Display now shows psi, mph, mils-instant average, lineal foot, gallons and mils-total.

Graco LineLazer IV

5900AL Striper Auto-Layout System: The LineLazer IV 5900 with Auto-Layout is the new industry standard for parking lot layout jobs.
200HSAL Striper Auto-Layout System: Increased performance along with the exclusive Auto-Layout System makes the LineLazer 200HS the preferred striper for professional contractors who demand unmatched hydraulic power.

Graco LineDriver Ride-On Attachment

For the LineLazer IV series of airless line striping equipment. Converts your LineLazer striper machine to a rideable unit which can double production and accuracy while reducing operator fatigue. Great for large jobs, big parking lots and road striping.

Graco RoadLazer™

RoadLazer is your best value hydraulic truck-mounted striping system on the market today. With Roadlazer airless striping system you can achieve extremely accurate lines at highly productive speeds – up to 10 mph.

  • Spray gun boom arm for straighter lines and more accurate curves. Easily moves from centerline to edge-line applications. 
  • Paint spray gun has complete chemical compatibility and highest flow rates available. 
  • Bead spray gun has 50% better on/off control and eliminates chattering often found in competitive guns.
  • Optional Video Guidance System

Graco RoadLazer™ RoadPak™

Modular Road Striping System

RoadLazer RoadPak System is a modular hydraulic striping system built for the professional road striping contractor. You can design your own striping system by following Graco’s easy-to-design steps or you can choose from 8 pre-designed system options.  With the RoadPak airless striping system you can achieve extremely accurate lines at highly productive speeds – up to 10 mph.

Modular System – You Pick What You Want 

  • 1 (or) 2 Pump System
  • 1 (or) 2 Bead Tanks
  • Accessory Spray Gun Kit
  • 33 Gallon RoadPak Paint Tank
  • New RoadView Camera System
  • New RoadPak Winch Kit

(OR) 8 Ready-to-Use RoadPak Systems 

For use with following materials:

  • Waterborne Traffic Paint 
  • Solvent-Based Traffic Paint 
  • Chlorinated Rubber Traffic Paint 
  • Reflective Glass Beads 

Elements (Double Drop)

Graco ThermoLazer™ Striper

Introducing ThermoLazer™, the most user-friendly, innovative thermoplastic striper to hit the streets.

  • Control Flow System – Precise material flow control with a squeeze of a lever. 
  • Split Bead System – Split hopper holds over 90 lbs (40 kg) of beads and dispense system allows fast and flexible line width changes without tools. 
  • Easy Glide System – First thermoplastic line striper with dual rear wheels and Fat Track Front Swivel for smooth LineLazer-like handling. 
  • High Cap Hopper System – 20-50% larger for fewer refills. 300 lbs (136 kg) material capacity. 
  • Optional Double-Bead Drop System Kit installs in minutes.

Graco ThermoLazer™ ProMelt™ System Striper

Finally a solution for melting and applying thermoplastic without the hassle and cost of pre-melters.  Introducing the world’s first fast melt, on-board handliner – ThermoLazer ProMelt™ System by Graco. Now, for the first time, it’s possible to melt up to 300 pounds of thermoplastic material (6-50 lb bags) in a handliner in less than one hour! No one else can do this and we’re proud to say that this patent pending system will soon become the new industry standard for years to come. The New ProMelt™ striper is ideal for applications that involve large parking lots, crosswalks, airports, streets and more. It will work with multiple types of thermoplastic material, including all types of alkyd thermoplastic, hydrocarbon thermoplastic, reflective glass beads and elements. Equipped with SmartDie II™ Fast Change Out System

Graco Gun Hose Kits

Graco Gun Hose Kits are offered in a variety of gun and hose configurations to cover every application from fine finishing to heavy-duty textured applications. Every kit includes BlueMax II airless hose that is over 10% lighter weight and has increased hose flexibility. Contractor and Silver Gun Hose Kits include a free whip hose. Fine Finish Gun Hose Kits include everything a contractor needs for fine finish work, all in one convenient package.

248157 – FlexPlus Striping Gun with LL5319 Tip

245225 – LineLazer Hose with E-Nickel (Waterborne Compatible) Fittings, 3/8 in x 50 ft, 3,300 psi

245798 – LineLazer Hose with E-Nickel (Waterborne Compatible) Fittings, 1/4 in x 7 ft, 3,300 psi

249080 – Coupled Hose, ¼ in x 50 ft, 3,300 psi (LineLazer 3400 only)

Graco 2nd Gun Kits

2nd Gun Kits Triple your paint capacity – spend less time refilling and more time striping.

287553 – Complete kit for two-gun striping with LineLazer III & IV models

241284 – Complete kit for two-gun striping with Linelazer II models

Graco Linelazer Switchtips

Creates clean, laser-sharp lines with no fuzzy edges or thin spots. 

LL5213-LL5219   LineLazer SwitchTip with 2″ Fan Pattern

LL5315-LL5335   LineLazer SwitchTip with 3″ Fan Pattern

LL5417-LL5435   LineLazer SwitchTip with 4″ Fan Pattern

LL5621-LL5639   LineLazer SwitchTip with 6″ Fan Pattern

Graco EZ Bead™ Patented Glass Bead Application

Dispense beads automatically. Adjust dispensing heads to stripe 2″, 4″, and 6″ EZ Bead Hopper is reversible for use on both sides of the striper.

277064 – Complete EZ Bead System w/ two 6″ dispensers for LineLazers 3900, 5900, 200HS

277065 – Complete EZ Bead System w/ one 6″ dispenser for LineLazers 3900, 5900, 200HS

277067 – Dispenser Kit (EZ Bead 6″, 150mm) Contains on 6″ Dispenser and Hose

245516 – EZ Bead 12″ (305mm) Dispenser Kit – Contains one 12″ Dispenser and Hose

277066 – EZ Bead Aluminum Wind Deflector – 6″, 6 pack

245520 – EZ Bead Plastic Wind Deflector – 12″, 3 pack

245519 – EZ Bead Plastic Wind Deflector – 6″

Graco Paint Hoppers

Triple your paint capacity — spend less time re-filling and more time striping.

241104 – For use with LineLazer: 3900, 5900, 200HS & 130HS

241103 – For use with LineLazers: 3500, 5000 (3500 must also order suction kit 238962.)

Graco Wheels & Tires

Wheel Replacements

241105 – Fat Track Retro Kit – Updates LineLazer 3500’s and 5000’s to Fat Track Technology

All-Terrain Tires

249083 – All Terrain Tire for LineDriver.  Contains 2 tires, rim-mounted.

249082 – All Terrain Tire for LineLazer 3900, 5900, 200HS, 130HS.  Contains 2 tires, rim-mounted; wheel bearings.
NOTE:  Does not work with Auto-Layout LineLazer IV.

Graco LineLazer IV Light Kit

277061 –  Provides improved visibility in low-light conditions.  Low-Drain, High Output LED Light for use with LineLazer IV Stripers.  Includes multi-position mounting hardware and 7 ft cable for mounting location flexibility.

Graco LineLazer Line Pointer

Available in two lengths for parking lot and highway use:
277062   Short Pointer Guide – 25″ (LineLazer IV and III)

277063   Long Pointer Guide – 40″ (LineLazer IV and III)

Wide blade allows operator to follow string line in both directions. See-through design gives clear view of pavement. Pointer folds up for easy curb access and storage.

Graco Adjustable Spray Shield Kit

249081 – Attaches easily to any LineLazer line striper to contain the spray pattern when applying diluted turf paints.

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