Storm Water Management

Polyethylene (CPE) Pipe

High-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) has become widely used in the construction market due to its light weight, resistance to corrosion and long life. HDPE pipe is used for storm sewers, highway drainage and retention/detention systems.

Culvert, Gaskets & Bands

A culvert is a pipe that allows water to pass beneath a roadway, driveway, railway or embankment. Culverts will be buried at some depth below the surface, aligned to permit passage of water with minimum obstruction to the water course.  For culvert protection, a minimum of 1 foot of cover over culvert is recommended. Available from 10’ to 20’ lengths. Non-standard lengths & diameters available upon request.

Water Screening

Designed for concrete, plastic & metal pipe, these corrosion free racks are designed to withstand the conditions of pond structures – rough handling, high/low temperatures and long term weather exposure. Structural plastic racks are a great alternative to painted and galvanized steel racks for use in storm water management ponds and general water screening.  Strong, lightweight 100% maintenance free. UV Resistant per ASTM D2565-99.

RainTank Underground Storage

Atlantis RainTank® storm water detention/retention and infiltration systems provide underground storage of storm water. After a rain event fills the RainTank®, storm water will either infiltrate into the ground, drainage system, or be recycled for irrigation. This system provides an alternative to storm water basins and a more efficient alternative to other underground systems. It’s lightweight and easy to install: Can be put in place by hand; no cranes required. High Strength: May be used under parking lots and roads. Modular Design: Can be placed in any shape to efficiently use space. Easy to Transport: Can be supplied unassembled for reduced delivery costs.

Ditch Vegetation Fabric

We offer high-quality products for establishing vegetation on disturbed soils, protecting soil against high-shear stresses, restricting silt displacement that accompanies runoff from poorly-vegetated sites and improving the performance of hard armor shoreline protection systems. With both temporary degradable blankets and permanent, non-degradable synthetic turf reinforcement mats, our products are the cost-effective solution to soil erosion and sediment control problems.


We also carry dewatering bags, downspout adapters, valve boxes, hog rings, sandbags, staples/stakes, and Visqueen.

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