Screeds Accessories

Allen Engineering Magic Screed®


Gasoline powered. 4’ to 16’ widths available. Precision engineered, lightweight wet screed for single operator fast strike-off of concrete. Fast and easy to use, this high-frequency screed provides uniform distribution over the entire blade length, enhancing structural integrity of the concrete through consolidation.

Allen Engineering E-Screed by Magic Screed®


Battery Powered. Perfect for indoor and confined pour areas. The E-Screed by Magic Screed® features a high-frequency electric motor with zero moving parts and a rechargeable and jobsite replaceable, high performance 36v battery. The no maintenance motor is precisely regulated with a variable speed controller and the batter delivers charge-anytime performance over 1500+ life cycles. And like every Magic Screed, its precision engineered to provide easy single operator strike-off of concrete with uniform vibration across the entire blade. It is fast, easy to use and the green way to strike off virtually any size concrete pour.

Super Saddles

Super Saddle is a simple but elegant way to position a screed rail within a slab on grade placement to improve the slab quality and reduce labor and material costs. With the Super Saddle, a 2×4 screed rail is supported in the perfect position for obstruction-free screeding inside the outline of a slab. Simpler and much more accurate than wet screeding, less expensive than standard steel stakes and carzate hangers, and much less expensive and more versatile than a laser-controlled screed, you will find a hundred uses for Super Saddle every time you place concrete.

Bunyan Strikers

Strikers are used in two functions:

  • Placement Tool: Cut grade during the delivery. The spinning tube strikes against the aggregate, causing it to peel forward into the delivery area. This brings excess concrete forward and provides the delivery team with a visual reference for elevation. The spinning tube carries itself back to allow more delivery.
  • Screed: Final pass cuts a small roll of material over the surface to the final elevation. If it is not perfect, let the Striker run back for another cut.

AccuScreed Systems

  • AccuScreed Driver
    The patented high-strength Driver is the key to the AccuScreed System. This is made from a solid piece of case hardened steel. It is also nickel plated for extended use and supreme durability. The design eliminates the need of measuring while setting screed.
  • AccuScreed Yoke
    Yokes are injection molded for exact duplication. Made of super tough nylon, they are lightweight yet virtually unbreakable. Due to high labor costs, it is most cost effective to leave the yokes in the pour; however, they may be reused.
  • AccuScreed Nut
    This 5/8″ Nut is made of nylon and provides superior fine tune  adjustments when pouring over wood or steel decks, pre-stressed concrete and when re-surfacing existing floors.
      • AccuScreed Starter Kit
        This kit contains1 Plated Steel Driver, 50 threaded nylon Yokes, 50 nylon Nuts, and a compact canvas carrying bag.
  • AccuScreed Super Kit
    This kit contains 1 Plated Steel Driver, 150 threaded nylon Yokes, and 75 nylon Nuts in a convenient barrel bag.

AccuScreed 300 Kit
This kit contains 1 Plated Steel Driver, 300 threaded nylon Yokes, and 300 nylon Nuts in a convenient barrel bag. – BEST VALUE!

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