Crafco Model 30 Pavement Router 30 HP

Specifically designed to effectively rout random cracks and joints, the Crafco Model 30 Pavement Router has been the industry standard for twenty-five years. There is no other Pavement Router that can match the quality, reliability, long term performance and features of the Crafco Model 30. It’s lightweight mobile design, unique center of axis and cutter head alignment enables it to produce unmatched crack following accuracy. There is no better way to create sealant crack reservoirs effectively and efficiently than with the Crafco Model 30 Pavement Router, the most popular Pavement Router throughout the world.

Crafco Steel Cutter

31134 – Place in line with six spacers on each side. The cut will be approximately ½ inch (13mm) wide. Use on AC pavement or PCCP. Some spalling can be expected.  Use until needed depth cannot be reached any longer, then discard.

Crafco Wide Hub Carbide Cutter

31145 – Used for routing standard cracks. The new wide hub cutter produces a cleaner cut, reduces spalling, eliminates wobble, reduces machine vibration, and creates less pin wear. The cleaner pavement cut improves the sealant bond to the crack sidewall resulting in a longer lasting crack seal. New cutters are easier for installation need just one spacer from each side. Provides ½ inch to ¾ inch cut.

Crafco Wide Cut & Carbide Cutters

31135 – Wide Cut Cutters

31150 – Extended Life Wide Cut Cutters

These cutters are designed to provide a cut width that can be adjusted from ½ inch to 2 inches. These cutters have no shoulders allowing a more exact cut width. All cutter blades must be evenly placed for proper balance and must have the proper number of spacers to keep cutters snug.  Use on AC pavement or PCCP. Some spalling can be expected.

Crafco Carbide Cutter & Extended Life Cutter

31136-7 Carbide Cutter

31149 Extended Life Cutter

Place six spacers on each side for a 1/2 inch wide cut. Stack two cutters side by side with three spacers on each side, or stagger in a 2-1-2-1-2-1 configuration for a 1.3 inch wide cut. You can also use three cutters side-by-side for a two inch wide cut. Always stack or stagger in a balanced manner. These cutters can be used on AC pavement or PCCP. Some spalling can be expected.

Crafco 6 ½” Carbide Cutters

31138 – These cutters are the same as the 31136 cutter except they have an increased cut depth up to 73 mm. Three cutters are evenly spaced on the cutter head leaving every other pin empty.

Crafco Cutter Pins & Extended Life Cutter

31114 – Cutter Pins Crafco cutter pins are specifically manufactured to withstand shock and abrasion associated with this machine. Ultra hard on the outside for wear resistance and flexible on the inside. 

31151 – Extended Life Cutter Pins Use these pins to gain 20% to 30% more life as compared to the 31114 pin and always use with any extended life cutter. Using excessively worn pins will damage the cutter head.

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