Proline Ashlar Slate Stamps
Innovative & Easy to Use

Proline’s beautiful granite and slate textures come in the customary 2′ x 2′ Ashlar pattern in York Stone, New England Slate, Old Granite & Roman Slate; 3′ x 3′ Large Ashlar in New England Slate, Grand Blue Stone & English Ashlar; as well as the innovative 4′ x 4′ Rotating Ashlar in Roman Slate, Italian Slate and Blue Stone. Tight tolerances between the mats results in less detail work and allows for speedier installations. This pattern looks fantastic in a driveway or patio setting.

Proline Santa Fe Stone Stamps
Innovative Interchangeable Mats 

With natural irregularities in grout line and a rich texture from real stone, Proline’s new Santa Fe Stone mats produce extremely life-like results.  They are also the ultimate for creating truly beautiful random stone patterns.  The three stone sizes come as sets of two large 41” x 41” rotatable mats each that can all be used separately or together in one job, in any combination.  This permits application as one, two or three stone sizes placed either in completely random patterns or in graduated sizes when moving from one area into another.  All six mats fit together precisely on all rotations so there is less detail work required.

Proline Corner & Board Tool Stamps

Border art stamp is easily applied and gives consistently clean and clear results.  Designed to be used in decorative borders, the Border Art Stamp is laid first and then covered with the desired texture skin. Border art comes in over 14 different styles including Grapevine, Dolphins, Autumn Ivy, Hawaiian Flower, English Rose, Fleur-de-Lis, Spanish Flair, Garden Rose, Acanthus Leaf, Tropical Fish, Wide Mustangs, Daisy Garland and brand new Grape Corner & Daisy Corner.

Proline Brick Stamps

No contractor should be without a set of brick stamps. They are popular, easy to use and with the right color combination can look as natural as real brick. The band tools can be used to accent the job and provide an interesting color and style combination.

Proline Custom Name Stamps

Add your name to mark your outstanding work. Typical custom name stamps are 2″ x 5″ ovals with three lines of print for company name, city and state, and phone number or website address. If that’s not what you are looking for, just let us know what you need. Special requests.

Proline Cobble Stone Stamps

Proline offers 7 different patterns of Cobble Stone including the popular Old Cobblestone, Herringbone Old Cobblestone, London Cobblestone and Cut Stone Cobblestone stamps. Two different sizes (both large and small) of the Appian Cobble Stone and the Circle Cobblestone are also available. Perfect for walkways & patios.

Proline Tumbled Tavertine Stamps

This new texture is unique in the decorative concrete arena because it can be grouted for added realism.  Proline offers this new texture in 5 various styles: Seamless Texture, Tumbled Travertine Ashlar Versailles, Tumbled Travertine Herringbone, Tumbled Travertine Square Tile 12’ x 12” and 18” x 18”.  For added beauty, Proline has added a tumbled edge to their stamp patterns.  The surface is flat, with all the texture recessed, allowing the option of leaving the surface unsealed for a more natural look and to reduce slippage – perfect for a pool area.

Proline Fan Stamps

Five different fan stamp patterns are available to choose from including: Small, Large, Fish Scale Granite, European Fan Small & Large Stone and Yuko.

Proline European Cobble Series Stamps

Proline has designed a new radial stamp, unlike any on the market that can create a radius of infinite dimensions with one affordable set of tools.  Even more innovative, this stamp series can also create a Serpentine Cobble, a Straight Cobble or a Radial Cobble and includes several band tool designs.  With the 5 tools in the series, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Proline Keystone Block Series Stamps

Available in various serpentine designs, various block weave designs, soldier & running soldier course, running bond & radial hexagon.

Proline Square Tile Stamps

There are too many textures and sizes to count. Proline offers tile patterns ranging in size from 4″ x 4″ up to 4′ x 4′ tiles in all of their popular textures.

Proline Wood Plank Stamps

People love wood floors but hate the maintenance.  Proline has the answer – give them the beauty of a wood floor with the durability of concrete.  Cast from real wood planks, Boardwalk is highly lifelike, right down to the pegs in the planks.  Proline offers two versions of the boardwalk plank – 6” wide or 12” wide.

Proline Seamless Texturing Skins

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you’ve seen these innovative textures throughout many of the major hotel/casinos. There are over 28 natural life-like textures to select from including the popular Old Granite Cleft Stone and Roman Slate (created especially for Caesar’s Palace). Seamless mats are a must for every decorative concrete contractors stamp portfolio.

Proline Random Stone Stamps

Either single or multiple part units that beautifully reproduce hand cut and placed stone, sandstone, granite and flagstone.  They are molded from real stone complete with cut marks and defects.

Proline Sidewalk Stamps

Proline’s innovative Sidewalk Slate mats reproduce the popular Old Granite and Roman Slate textures in running patterns. Cast from real stone, the ridges, lines and textures give incredible depth and character to the pattern. You’ll achieve more life-like results from the three-part mat system with different sizes of slate pieces.

Proline Slate Pattern Stamps

Slate patterns include the Herringbone Belgium, Hexagon Italian, Running Bond New England, Opa Locka New England and California Weave styles. Also included in the category are Sidewalk stamps in Old Granite and Roman Slate textures. The ridges, lines and textures of these stamps provide character just like the real thing.

Proline Brick and Band Tools
A Beautiful Way to Separate Any Area

Band tools can accent any pattern or Seamless Texture.  Patterns will range from the more traditional brick to granite or slate tiles.  Check out the Bellagio Custom Ban Tool that was specially made for the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.  Easy to install and even easier to color with Proline’s new EZ-Accent water-based acrylic stain. 150+ choices

Proline 2’ x 4’ Seamless Skins

Based on customer needs for increased productivity, Proline has introduced the 2’x4’ mat stamp available in any of Proline’s seamless textures. These new skins allow for more productive stamping along bands, walls and over Border Art.  They also come with handles.

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