Paving & Compaction Rentals

8’ to 15’  track paver

Tracked paver with new operators platform for better visibility. Variable paving widths from 8 feet to 15 feet.

Day: $1,000

Week: $3,500

Month: $10,500

42” double drum roller

The double drum roller provides greater production capabilities with tandem rollers. Perfect for worksites like small parking lots, shoulders, lanes, and other mid to smaller sized areas.

Day: $205

Week: $720

Month: $2,150

Plate compactors

We have the right plate compactors to generate the force you need in order to finish your job. Call for sizes.

Day: $75

Week: $260

Month: $780

Jumping Jack

This high-impact tool is just what you need in order to finish the job. Designed for tough rammer applications.

Day: $100

Week: $300

Month: $1,050

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