Melters (Direct Fire) & Appliances / Mini & Multi-Use Melters

10 Gallon Melter

Direct-Fire Tank with Hand Agitator / Wheels

  • 200,000 BTU Torch w/ hose, regulator and striker
  • Spring tensioned release valve w/ steel screed
  • Product well thermometer
  • Direct-Fire Tank with Hand Agitator Only
  • 200,000 BTU torch w/ hose, regulator and striker 
  • Product well thermometer
  • Hand agitator, temperature gauge, propane burner, hose and regulator, bottle holder, hinged lid, lifting handles and draw-off valve. 
  • Dimensions: 40”Lx29”Wx33”H

10 Gallon Mini-Melter

Gingway’s 10 Gallon Mini Melter is an economical solution for smaller jobs. It can provide hot material in 20 minutes or less. It is the stationary version of our popular MA10 wheeled unit. Both inner and outer tanks are built of steel.
Standard features include temperature gauge with guards, built in hand agitator and a propane bottle platform (bottle not included). It comes with a 50,000 BTU burner, 10′ hose regulator, striker, and draw-off valve. The kettle can melt up to 600 lbs. of sealant per day.  Specifications: Length – 29″, Width – 30″, Height – 32″, approx. 95 lbs.

30 Gallon Melter
Skid Mount/Direct-Fire

This unit can provide hot material in 30 minutes or less and is equipped with a draw-off valve, hand agitator, temperature gauge, hinged lid, lifting handles, propane burner, hose, and regulator.  Specifications: 50” x 37” x 25”, approx. 135 lbs.

30 Gallon Mini-Melter
Air jacketed, propane fired.

30-gallon sealant melter and dispenser. Comes equipped with hand-agitator, temperature gauge, regulator, hose, burner, lifting handles, hinged lid, and draw-off valve. The kettle can melt up to 1200 lbs of sealant per day. 

Crafco Patcher I & II Melter

Crafco’s new multi-use melter to be used for either Polypatch (asphalt) or Techcrete (concrete) patching hot pour material. Available in two sizes. The Patcher II’s large volume easily handles large production projects. The Patcher I is designed for smaller patching tasks.
Melter has a gravity feed chute to apply the hot pour patching products.  The Patcher II has two large openings for easy material loading. Advanced digital temperature controls maintain accurate material and oil temperatures and feature an auto flame shut down for safety. The products are thoroughly mixed by a horizontally mounted internal shaft with sweep paddles.

Crafco Supershot Melters / Applicators

Super Shot 60 is a 60-gallon capacity unit, which features automatic digital controls. It is propane fired, with a heated hose and wand. This machine is designed for use on projects under 2,000 pounds of sealant per day. The Super Shot 60 is also available as a skid mount.

Super Shot 125 mid-sized 125-gallon capacity unit offers the best versatility. Ideal for mid to large sized projects, this unit is diesel powered, available with an optional compressor or a labor-saving Autoloader.

Super Shot 250 large 250-gallon capacity unit is designed for large projects. This machine will out-perform any melter in its class and is available with many standard options.

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