Lasers & Levels

Topcon RL-H5A Self-Leveling / Slope Matching Ruggedized Automatic Laser

The Topcon RL-H5A Horizontal Self-Leveling Rotary Laser is a multi-purpose laser that is ideal for grading, excavating, site preparation, concrete works, and other general construction projects. With a laser receiver, it offers a long operating range that covers up to 2,600 feet in diameter. This laser level also offers an accuracy of up to ±1/16″ at 100 feet and is self-leveling within ±5 degrees. or added precision and accuracy, the RL-H5A features manual single-axis leveling method and rotates 600 times per minute. This horizontal rotating laser is simple to use, intuitive and re-levels itself immediately if the device is disturbed on the job.

Topcon Single & Dual Slope Lasers RL-200 Series

The RL-200 Series is available in single slope (RL-200 1S) and dual slope (RL-200 2S) models. No matter which one you choose, the RL-200 will keep you working accurately day after day by providing the highest grade repeatability available (7 arc seconds). 

Both models provide exceptional slope range, -5% to +25% for the 1S, and +/-10% in the X axis and an industry leading -5% to +25% in the Y axis for the 2S. Other features include a large, bright, high-contrast display, large, clearly labeled operation interface, and standard with the RL-200 2S, a full feature remote to control all RL-200 2S functions up to 1,000′ (200m) away. The RL-200 also come with Topcon’s exclusive 5 Year Guarantee, the best factory warranty in the industry.

Topcon AT-B Automatic Level

Utilizing a finely tuned magnetic damping system, AT-B automatic levels quickly level and stabilize the line of sight. These precision instruments ensure reliable leveling even when working near heavy equipment or busy highways where fine vibrations could be present. The automatic levels feature IPX6 protection against powerful water jets from all directions and are fully resistant to driving rain and splashing water. Horizontal angles can be directly read in 1º or 1gon units. Free rotation feature allows you to read any angle from zero. The circle is covered for protection against dirt and scratch. The readout window is located below the eyepiece for quick reading.

  • Durable, Dependable, High Value Auto Levels
  • Rapid, Accurate, and Stable Automatic Compensation
  • Ultra-Short 20cm (7.9 in.) Focusing
  • All-Weather Dependability
  • Clampless, Endless Fine Horizontal Adjustments

Digital Smart Levels

Digital Module for accurate reads of slope, pitch and inch/ft in any light.

Ox Pro Series Box Beam Levels

The OX Pro Series level is the toughest ever produced. Unrivalled for strength, endurance and patented features, there is nothing like it on the market. In house testing has proved the level to be two to five times stronger than its competitors.

  • Unique Dual View
  • Shock Proof End Caps – for ultimate impact cushioning
  • Magnified Vial – for better readability
  • Two Plumb Site Dual View Vials – for more precise leveling & less neck/eye strain
  • Two Milled Surfaces – guaranteed controlled & definable flatness the entire length of level
  • Air-Cushioned Grip Handles – won’t slip when held against a wall with just one hand
  • Computer Optimized Profile – high-quality aluminum extrusion


Lifetime warranty on all vials

OX-P024406 (24” Pro Level)

OX-P204412 (48” Pro Level)

OX-P024418 (72” Pro Level)

OX-P204424 (96” Pro Level)

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