Billy Goat Grazor® Crack Chaser

The Billy Goat Grazor is your answer to vegetation removal from asphalt and concrete cracks. A 4 HP Honda engine powers a solid steel wire bristle brush that quickly cleans the crevice of debris to provide a better edge for asphalt sealing. Six depth adjustments and side swivel give you versatility and worry-free operation. For improved sealer adhesion, use this machine to remove vegetation and other debris from cracks and crevices before sealing them.  Utilizes a steel-bristled brush for scraping crevices clean. Single person operation. Rotating front caster for superior maneuverability along twisting and winding crevices.

Billy Goat Grazor Wire Brush

Keep plenty of these 8” solid steel wire bristles on hand for your next job. Specifically designed to sweep through crevices for better prepared crack edges. Part #: 600172


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    Closed Thursday Nov 24th & Friday November 25th for Thanksgiving