Carsonite Roadmarker™

Excellent for straightaways and general delineation. The “three-rail” design withstands high-speed vehicle impacts. They have met or surpassed the certification standards of a long list of local, state, and national agencies.

Guardrail & Barrier Delineators

Guardrail Delineators are mounted directly onto guardrails and barriers structures, providing consistent delineation.  Posts come with installation hardware, wood/steel options, and reflective length/color options.

Safe-Hit Surface Mount Delineators

Durable and flexible for multi-purpose use.  Safe-Hit Surface-mount and Soil markers are made to withstand the abuse of time, traffic and the elements.  Safe-Hit’s flexible posts are constructed of durable linear low density, co-extruded polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors. They are available with portable bases, surface mount bases or soil anchors. Safe-Hit posts feature a two-piece, self-locking system that reduces installation and maintenance costs. The Safe-Hit Line is ideal for applications with average impact frequency. 

  • Safe-Hit Guidepost: round post, flattened on top with black oval cap, 3” x 9” reflective strip, and surface mount pin lock base.
  • Safe-Hit Channelizer: round post with recessed cap, one 6” reflective wrap and surface mount pin lock base.

GlasForms Fiberglass Utility Markers

  • Tri-Flex:  This 3-rail marker is one of the most common designs but has been improved upon by rounding the back rib.  This allows for easier decal application and the stress from impacts is spread over a wider area.  Available in white, brown, yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and purple.
  • Flex-Tough:  Specially designed with a thicker middle section for easier installation into hard soil surfaces.  This marker is perfect for applying decals on both sides. Available in white, brown, yellow, orange, red, blue, green & purple.
  • Dual-Flex:  Because of its increased flexibility and flat area on both sides, the Dual-Flex marker is used primarily on trails and secondary roads where two-direction marking is required.  It is also ideal as an emergency 911 marker.  Reflective house numbers are applied to both sides making it easier for emergency crews to find the right location.  Available in white & yellow.

Snow Poles / Pedestal Markers

Snow Poles provide durable & highly visible roadway demarcation for motorists and snow removal crews. These orange posts come in both an elliptical and rectangular style.  They can be attached to road signs or used with a decal to identify fire hydrants, other buried utilities or pedestals. 

Surface Mount & Twist Lock Base Assemblies
For installation of channelizers on asphalt or concrete, include:

  1. SMA Standard surface mount base with locking pins for use where posts are permanently installed. 
  2. SLT Sub-level twist lock base where it is desirable to have the base level with the concrete or asphalt surface. Highly recommended where foot traffic is present. 
  3. SST Sub-surface twist lock base where a low profile is desired due to vehicular or foot traffic. 
  4. SMT Twist lock base, for use where delineators or sign posts must be installed, removed and reinstalled periodically.
  5. PSB Portable Base for temporary use of posts and signs.
    *A plastic insert removable plug is also available for all bases to protect against dirt accumulation and to protect foot traffic when post is removed.

Starter Kit

Safe-Hit Surface Mount starter kits are available. They include 10 Safe-Hit posts, 10 SMA or SMT bases and 10 Epoxy kits or Butyl pads.

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