De-Icer (Crystals & Liquid)

Deicer Crystals (Calcium Chloride)

Environmentally friendly De-Icer Crystals offer low temperature performance (-10 below), high capacity to melt ice and snow and is safer to use on concrete surfaces.  Recommended Use:  For use in applications to prevent or eliminate ice and snow formation or build-up on paved and concrete sidewalks, parking lots and roadways.

  • Fast Acting
  • Non-Tracking
  • Vegetation & Pet Friendly
  • Safer on Concrete

Deicer Liquid (Magnesium Chloride)

Manufactured from magnesium chloride liquids that have been fortified with organic corrosion inhibitors for protection of metal surfaces.  Magnesium chloride offers extreme low temperature performance (down to -60º c / -76º f) with a high capacity to melt ice and snow. This product is suited for use in preventing the freezing of wet commodities to surfaces in handling or transportation, such as in woodchip and sawdust hauling, and can additionally be used in anti-icing and de-icing applications for road and yard operations.

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