Gemstone™ Vertical Panels

The most visible and space efficient barricades available, Gemstones take up half the space of traditional barricades, which means less storage space taken and a minimal footprint during use.

Channelizing Traffic Drums

The TrafFix Generation IV Channelizer Drum is manufactured from tough, re-shapeable plastic. Available in either low density (soft) or high density (hard) polyethylene. Includes built-in carrying and dragging handle, and two mounting holes for optional barricade lights. The tapered design allows stacking with or without barricade lights for easy handling and storage.

Drum Bases

The TrafFix Channelizer Drum allows you to choose the base that is best suited for your application. All TrafFix Model #18000 Channelizer Drum tops fit any of the bases below:
• Standard Base
• San-Fil Base
• #25 Road Rubber Base
• #40 Road Rubber Base

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