Asphalt & Concrete Patching Rentals

Infrared Patching Machine

Infrared patching used to blend new asphalt with existing – Infrared Heated – Pavement material to create a joint-free patch. The truck unit is equipped with multiple heated chambers capable of storing and transporting up to four tons of asphalt materials – while maintaining a consistent temperature.

Day: $300

Week: $1,050

Month: $3,150

200 Gallon Heated Tack Wagon

The 200 Gallon Heated Tac Wagon is a turn-key piece of equipment for hot tack spraying needs. Designed for budget-minded contractors or small asphalt install and repair crews, built to last long and work strong.

Day: $250

Week: $875

Month: $2,500

4 Ton Heated Patching Trailer

A 4-ton trailer is the perfect piece of asphalt equipment for your asphalt repair. This heated patching trailer is the most cost-effective way to transport asphalt and keep it warm all day.

Day: $450

Week: $1,600

Month: $5,000

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